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Company Introduction

Tianjin Dongjiang International Shipping Exchange Market (hereafter refers to “Market”) is sponsored by Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone Administrative Commission, undertaken by Tianjin Dongjiang Shipping Exchange Market Co., Ltd. Under the greatest support of Tianjin Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone Administrative Commission, Tianjin Dongjiang Customs, Inspection & Quarantine Bureau and the enterprises within Dongjiang, market fully utilizing the special policies of Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone, will explore the new consolidation business operation mode and develop comprehensive bonded logistics business. The goal is to realize the uniform supply chain management system of logistics, commerce flow, information flow and cash flow and establish the information platform for shipping exchange and service through the modern information technology.

I. Information Platform for Shipping Exchange and Service
Market is a comprehensive shipping service platform, covers the scope of shipping exchange, shipping electronic information administration, vessel bargaining, electronic business, customs declaration, inspection & quarantine electronic declaration, manifest tracing, electronic inspection, vessel status tracing, DG declaration, shipping insurance, shipping arbitration service, freight filing, freight ramification exchange, shipping-related-financial-settlement, offshore financial service, traditional trade and logistics service etc., fully realizes the five major functions of Dongjiang Free Trade Port Zone, International Transhipment, International Distribution, International Purchase, International Transit trade and Export processing.

II. Traditional LCL and FCL business
Availing the special supervision policy of Dongjiang Free Trade Port, market will change the traditional import and export lcl and fcl business to a new pattern. There will be no late declaration penalty for import cargo and tax refund will be available for export cargo when entering into Dongjiang Free Trade Port, the tax refund will be 20 to 30 days earlier than normal which will enable enterprise to better manage their funds.
With wide cooperation with worldwide agents and rich import and export sea freight experience, warehouse & depot management, storage management, customs clearance, insurance, inland trucking service, cargo package, etc., market could be able to offer high quality shipping service to clients. Export side, we cover more than thousands of inland cities and 100 basic trade lanes in the world. Import side, we could handle booking from thousands of cities and ports in the world, book under FOB and EXW term.

III. Bonded Logistics Service Mode
Market will fully take the advantage of the Dongjiang Bonded Port’s favorable policies, develop international transit/international distribution, international purchase, international triangle business and export processing business in the base of Dongjiang port.

A. Domestic Handbook Deep Processing Tax Refund Mode
BLP mode: The Handbook Deep Processing Mode between Customer and Supplier will be changed to normal import/export business, part of the domestic purchased material will enjoy the tax refund after export clearance.

B. Solve “high tax & duties for raw material” mode, change after tax domestic sales to BLP finished product domestic sales, reasonably and legally avoid the tax and duties for raw materials, bring considerable economic benefit to customers.

C. International Purchase Center
Integrate purchase/ research and development/manufactory and other productive resources, set up long term and stable partnership with various research and development centers and manufactories. What we provide for you is one or more products encircling the key enterprises, make design and management for the business flow/cargo flow/information flow/capital flow integration between the related upriver and downriver supplier/manufacturer/distributor. Assist you and your foreign partners to build up a more complete/reliable/integrative supply chain partnership.

D. VMI Supplier Management Stock

● Supply Chain Integration Optimization

● Reduce stock

● Reduce cargo turnover times

●“One-Stop” Single Window Connection

● Supplier Integration Optimization

● Timely non-obstacle information communication, information share

● Profit increase, profit reduced


E. Logistics Finance Service
Modern logistics development can’t go further without the financial service support, it is the main method for the third party logistics company/financial organization (banks etc.) or other related enterprises to combine the logistics service and finance and make business creation so as to be distinguished in the competitive market. The most popular logistics finance mode are: settlement for clients/manifest mortagage/confirmer wharf.

F. International Transit and Tri-angle Trade

Operate various kind of transportation transit business covering domestic and foreign ports, will realize interaction between bonded port and non-boned port; interaction between bonded port and surrounding non-water port such as Erlianhaote / Beijing, etc.; interaction between bonded port and the neighbor countries such as Mongolia/Moscow/Ulan Bator other than the traditional ocean transportation. Moreover, will also handle the agency business for international tri-angle trade.

G. Export Processing
Provide the processing business for cargo in the bonded port, including: assembling/repacking/labling.

H. Other related bonded logistics business


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